About Us

Welcome to Church of the Saviour

We are a small Christian church with a big heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to live faithfully and obediently for him. We love Collyhurst and Monsall and want to work with people of peace and good will, of all faiths and none to help promote community spirit and good neighbourliness for the blessing of everyone who lives here.

We are keen to involve ourselves in matters of social justice especially those that arise from the high levels of poverty and deprivation that we see and experience around us.


We especially delight in working with our two fantastic Church of England primary schools as we seek to teach, nurture and guide our children into the future they want to build.


We enjoy sharing our faith because Jesus once told his friends that he had come to offer us a life better than we have ever dreamed of and we believe we are part of making that promise real.


At the moment everything we do is driven by two simple words:


“Getting Closer”


We want to get closer to God because we believe he is the source of all good things and through his Holy Spirit wants to bless all people with them.


We want to get closer to our neighbours because they are loved by God and precious to him and he wants us to share that message not least through acts of grace and kindness.


We want to get closer to each other because through Jesus we are called to live and grow as his family, sharing our lives in unity and love.