We’re doing our part to fight COVID-19. We are following all guidelines from the Church of England in order to make our gatherings as safe as possible.

1) We’re asking that everybody who enters the building uses the provided hand sanitiser upon entry.
2) We will be suspending handshaking and all other physical contact which occurs in our services and throughout the week.
3) We are only going to be offering communion in one kind, with only the consecrated bread and the priest alone taking the wine.

We all hope you remain safe during this time.

Our prayers and thoughts are with those affected and with the whole world in the battle against this virus.


You can locate information about our safeguarding arrangements here,

Our Safeguarding officer: Martin Rogers

Safeguarding Officer Contact: m.rogers17@ntlworld.com

Click below for information on Safeguarding from the diocese of Manchester. On the link below, you are also able to contact the diocesean safeguarding officer regarding any concerns or questions you have as well as our parish safeguarding officer.

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